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Exactly what is a Septic Tank: The Basics of Operation | Atlanta, GA

What is a Septic Tank: The Basics of Operation
When a home or service does not have sewage system access, the primary line from the building links to a septic tank, or a reservoir for wastewater. It's outside the building and is normally buried underground, so it's frequently undetected, even if you're trying to find it. The tank deals with the very first phase of cleaning up the wastewater, so it can return to the environment safely and will not position a health risk to individuals and animals in the area. When the wastewater enters the tank, it divides into 3 layers; scum (resilient products that float), sludge (dense materials that sink), and effluent (liquid/ water).Check out our website for more information:
In the reservoir, natural bacteria goes to work feasting on the solids, so as much as 50% of the sludge can be transformed into liquid or gas. As the effluent levels build up , the liquid is allowed to go through to a 2nd compartment of the tank or it may move onto a discharge area. The staying sludge and residue develop, and need to be drained once in awhile. A lot of houses need pumping every 3-5 years, however others could require pumping annually, to make sure the system continues to work in top type.

How the System Works Together
When the effluent leaves the reservoir, it's still unclean, however it is devoid of the majority of particles. The soil naturally has bacteria and will end up cleaning the effluent, however the effluent must be discharged uniformly, so the soil can absorb it properly and the bacteria can work. The part of the system that discharges the effluent is typically referred to as an absorption area, leach field, or drain field. Leach fields send the effluent through a series of underground pipelines that are pe rforated, permitting it to gradually permeate into the soil.
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