Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Additional Items on Top of Septic Tank Pumping Prices | Atlanta, GA

No matter what septic tank company you opt for, there might be additional things not included in the base septic tank pumping prices. See more about our partners' septic tank pumping services here.
Digging: If your system does not have risers, the access ports will have to be excavated. This cost differs based upon how challenging the soil is, but it will generally run $100 or less.
Filter: The outlet from the reservoir to the leach field has a filter on it. If this needs to be changed, it will likely be $200-300.
Inspection: A comprehensive inspection normally runs in between $100-200.
Disposal Fee: You might also see a disposal fee on your bill. Depending upon where the facility is and how the waste is processed, it can be anywhere from $25-100.

Call Atlanta Septic Tank Pros to Get Your Septic Tank Pumping Cost
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