Monday, June 12, 2017

Asking Atlanta Septic Tank Pros: How Bacteria Affects Your System

How Bacteria Affects Your System
All septic systems count on germs to gobble up the solids and pathogens. It works a terrible lot like your body's digestive system. You have excellent germs and bad germs in your body. When the bad germs wins, whether it's since your body is off balance or you've had to take prescription antibiotics and the bad stuff regrows first, you wind up with stomach discomforts and other issues. In your wastewater treatment system, there is also "bad" and "excellent" bacteria. The good things needs to remain in the system to break down the waste and devour anything that's unsafe, but it's already there. It comes in with your waste and goes to town dining since you're constantly including "food" to your system for it.

Bacteria in the Reservoir.
As you fill the reservoir with wastewater, it divides into three layers. The waste and dense materials sink and form a layer of sludge. The resilient products, like grease, form a layer that drifts, called scum. The effluent, or liquid, beings in the middle.
The bacteria will lower your sludge layer all by itself. It can convert as much as 50% of it into gas or liquid. The rest of the solids have to be drained regularly. When the center layer of effluent increases in a conventional system, it can move onto a 2nd chamber, which works like the first, or it may move straight onto a leach field.
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