Friday, July 7, 2017

Septic vs Sewer System

In the civilized world, every building has some kind of sewer system to handle wastewater from toilets, sinks, showers, washing, and other devices. Cities generally manage this for locals, with a massive sewer system, however it's expensive to run the lines from house to home, specifically in rural areas. The more out you go, the most likely it will be that the house or organisation you purchase will have an on-site waste treatment center, aka a septic system. Both operate in an extremely similar way, however if you have a septic system, you're accountable for the maintenance and upkeep.

How Septic and City Sewer Systems are the Same

Treatment in both kinds of systems begins the exact same. Pipelines carry everything that goes down a drain out to a sewage tank. In the sewage tank, the wastewater divides into 3 layers; scum, effluent, and sludge. The residue is comprised of resilient things, like oil, grease, and bathroom tissue, so it drifts to the top. The sludge is made of much heavier things, like waste and detergent. The fluid that's suspended in the middle is effluent. The effluent is primarily clear of solids, but it's still filled with bacteria. In either kind of setup, the effluent goes on to another area for further processing. The remaining residue and sludge are dealt with.

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