Friday, July 7, 2017

How Septic and City Sewer Systems are Different

With lots of city treatment facilities, the effluent is just given a chemical treatment to kill off any staying germs and it's then discharged. In others, the effluent goes into an aeration tank, where the bacteria removes any remaining organic material from it, then into a settling tank, which enables the majority of the remaining particles to settle before the water is drained pipes out. There are likewise more sophisticated city systems that have a 3rd level of filtration on top of all this, that includes the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from the water, as well as extra chemical treatments to kill off germs.

Septic systems do not do any of this. Rather, when effluent leaves the tank, it goes into some sort of absorption location, in which the water is launched into the soil. Leading layers of soil naturally have bacteria that deal with the water as it gets in, so as long as the system distributes it evenly and slowly, this method is safe. Although some might utilize an easy pit for this process, and others will utilize a gray-water recycling system, most have a leach field. This is a series of underground perforated pipes, that slowly launch the effluent.

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