Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why You May Need or Have a Mound Septic System | Atlanta, GA

Why You May Need or Have a Mound Septic System
There are three primary reasons that this alternative unit might be proposed:
When water isn't really soaked up by the soil well. During the preliminary preparation stages, the soil on the residential or commercial property will go through a percolation or perc test. Throughout the test, the technician determines the rate at which the soil takes in water. If it drains pipes too fast or too sluggish, the effluent will not have time to be purified prior to it reaches the water table or it might sit on the surface too long, positioning a health threat.
When the ground has porous bedrock with inadequate soil on top.

Some sites have bedrock buried beneath the soil, which can allow the effluent a direct path to the water table. Therefore, it can easil y pollute drinking water. When the water level is high. Again, if the water level is high, the soil won't have time to purify the effluent prior to it reaches the water.

Mound Septic System Installation
Knowing when an alternative design of unit is appropriate is crucial to keeping you and your household safe and healthy. Our partner technicians carry out various tests to ensure the right system is chosen for your requirements and home requirements. They likewise handle all the planning, allows, and the actual installation, so you can rest simple knowing that your unit will be constructed to code, in a safe and expeditious way. Know more about Atlanta Septic Tank Pros partner services here.

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