Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mound Septic System | Atlanta Septic Tank Pros

A mound septic tank is an alternate to standard systems and is normally only utilized when the standard equivalents are not a choice. At Atlanta Septic Tank Pros, our partner specialists are regularly called upon to assist house owners and business owners handle their tricky septic requirements, including preparation, developing, and setting up on-site wastewater treatment centers when Mother Nature does not want to work together.

How a Mound Septic System is Different
For the many part, this kind of unit is extremely similar to a standard one, but conventional units release the effluent (water from the tank) into an underground leach field. With this approach, the bacteria in the soil finishes purifying the effluent prior to it reaches the water level. When a mound septic system remains in usage, the effluent is pumped to a man-made hill, which is normally constructed of gravel and sand, with a layer of soil on top.

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