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Septic Tank Installation - Atlanta GA - Atlanta Septic Tank Pros

When a septic tank installation is carried out properly, it can serve a family or business for generations. In the wrong hands, it can quickly become a nightmare and result in a problematic system that fails almost instantly. We specialize in quality septic tank installation, ensuring that the job is done right and, with the exception of regular maintenance, that you wont have to worry about your system for decades.

Have Your Site Professionally Evaluated First

If youre replacing a tank, you may be able to get by with fewer steps, but a new septic tank installation always calls for an evaluation of the site. The technician will consider your family or business needs, in order to decide what size of tank youll need. Sizes can range from 300 gallons all the way up to 5,000 gallons. Hell also test the soil to see what materials will work best and how large of an absorption area/ leach field you will need. Armed with this information, and background knowledge of the local laws, hell come up with a comprehensive layout for the entire system and let you know what your options are.

Many Types Tanks are Available

These days, you can have a tank made out of almost anything, though local regulations may have restrictions on certain options.

Plastic:The least expensive option is plastic. It lacks in durability and its buoyancy could be a problem depending on your water table.

Steel:Very few tanks are made from steel these days because it tends to corrode, but its more durable than plastic.

Fiberglass:Just as there will always be arguments about which soda type is better, people will debate the merits of fiberglass versus concrete. Fiberglass is one of the more expensive options, but its lightweight and is easy to install. It also resists damage from the earth settling and such, but it isnt going to survive if you drive a vehicle over it and there are some reports about it not handling methane gas well.

Concrete:The iconic choice is concrete. It is incredibly strong and will last decades. Some concrete tanks last 100 years or more. On the downside, it is very heavy, which makes the septic tank installation more difficult, and it sometimes cracks as the earth around it settles.
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Let the Experts at Atlanta Septic Tank Pros Handle Your Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank installation is something you really need done right the first time, which is why its always important to work with an expert. At Atlanta Septic Tank Pros, the technicians we dispatch are highly trained, courteous, and diligent. If youd like to hear what options are available for your septic tank installation, or would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, let us know. You can call (404) 998-8812 to speak with one of our friendly representatives right away.

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