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Fast and Friendly Drain Cleaning Atlanta GA from Atlanta Septic Tank Pros

If you have any type of sewage system, its inevitable that youll require drain cleaning at some point in time. Caring for your septic system and tank properly by having it cleaned and pumped regularly can go a long way to preventing problems, but sometimes the unthinkable happens and the drain lines clog. The good news is, the experts at Atlanta Septic Tank Pros know just how to handle this.

Understanding How Your Septic System Works

There are many components of a septic system and they all work together to handle wastewater. However, when any one part of the system fails, the whole system may fail to work. All the drain systems inside your home or business connect together at a single point where they exit the structure and the wastewater is led to the tank. At the tank, a baffle helps force the water down, so that it separates properly. Buoyant things, like oil, fat, grease, and toilet paper rise back up to the top, in a layer the industry refers to as scum. Heavier waste sinks to the bottom and forms a layer called sludge. The water that remains between the two is effluent, and it can safely leave the tank through a specially-designed outlet. Most homes have a leach field where the water drains to, but there are various systems that ensure the water flows freely into the earth where the soils natural bacteria handles any remaining organic material.Watch more here aboutAtlanta, GA: PrecisionSeptic Systems Repair

Common Reasons Drain Cleaning is Needed

Occasionally, someone will flush something that has no business being in a septic tank, such as a tampon or diaper. These kinds of things can clog lines instantly. Other times, buildup from a garbage disposal, grease, or other organic waste can make the pipes too narrow for something as simple as toilet paper to pass. One of the biggest concerns is when septic pumpi ng isnt done often enough. Most homes need it done every 3-5 years, but a home with a garbage disposal may need it done annually. When the layer of sludge isnt removed from the bottom of the tank, it grows. Eventually, it overtakes the outlet and fills the lines of the leach field. In any of these cases, toilets generally start to run slower or a gurgling noise can be heard from the drains. If left untreated, the wastewater can back up through all the drains in the house, including sinks and showers.

Hydro-Jetting is the Ideal Way to Handle Drain Cleaning

Clogs that form instantly by a large object being flushed can sometimes be remedied by using a snake, but the other issues require a thorough drain cleaning to get the pipes and lines totally clear again. This is best achieved by hydro-jetting or the use of high-pressure water sprayers. Theyre gentle on the system and safe for the environment, plus do a fantastic job of removing even the most stubborn buildup. In case s where the lines clog because septic pumping wasnt done when it needed to be, pumping has to be performed before the drain cleaning can be done. In this case, the drain cleaning can be quite extensive.

Contact Atlanta Septic Tank Pros for All Your Drain Cleaning Needs Today

The experts dispatched by Atlanta Septic Tank Pros understand that time is of the essence when your lines are sluggish or have stopped altogether. If youve noticed any of the symptoms associated with a septic system failure, its important to have a skilled professional come out and solve the problem right away. If you need faster service, call us right now at (404) 998-8812.

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