Thursday, August 10, 2017

When the Septic System Service Atlanta GA is the Culprit

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Tanks that aren't pumped regularly build up sludge, which can grow to the point where the layer of sludge reaches high enough to get into the leach field or block the outlet. The only fix for this is to have the tank pumped, the lines cleaned, and any damage repaired.

If the tank is the culprit, you may notice:

  • Delayed or sluggish drains

  • Sewage coming back up the drains

  • A gurgling sound coming from the drains

  • Standing water on the ground above the tank

When the Septic System Service Atlanta GA is to Blame

The leach field and its lines will normally build up a layer of biomat. This is a sticky substance made up of the bacteria that like to digest any of the remaining material left in the effluent. It also slows the flow of effluent out of the drainage system, which gives it more time to be filtered. The biomat serves an important purpose in the septic system, but it can also build up so much that the effluent can no longer leave the system. This is probably the most common cause, but the leach field may also break down if it was constructed improperly or if the household is overloading the system with water, perhaps by emptying a spa or taking exceedingly long showers. The solution to a failing leach field depends on the root cause.

If the Septic Repair Atlanta GA is to blame, you may notice:

  • Effluent rising to the top of the leach field

  • A blowout on the last line of the leach field

Contact Atlanta Septic Tank Pros Right Away if You Notice Drainage Problems

Drainage problems tend to get worse at a quick pace and can cause a lot of damage, as well as an unsanitary mess. If you notice any of the issues associated with a failing system, get in touch with Atlanta Septic Tank Pros fast. You can contact us directly by calling (404) 998-8812.

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