Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Learn About What Happens During Septic Tank Pumping - Ask us (404) 620-4177

Learn About What Happens During Septic Tank Pumping - Ask us (404) 620-4177Our septic tank cleaning service professionals start out by finding and opening access to your tank, which typically requires a bit of digging. All the materials are pumped out, including the bottom layer of "sludge" that forms in time. Once everything is taken out, the tank is cleaned out with water, which may include the use of high-pressure sprayers. After it is clean, the service technician does an inspection making sure everything looks good and your system should be ok for another 3-5 years. This consists of checking the pipes inside the tank, in addition to the baffles, and seeing to it the tank, itself, hasn't cracked or been compromised by a root system.

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Extensive septic tank cleaning helps ensure your system continues to run in top-notch form and enables the technician to examine everything in the tank to make sure it's in very good condition. Both of these are vital steps in protecting your property and extending the life of your system.

Atlanta Septic Tank Pros' professionals are knowledgeable professionals who can take care of all of your system's needs. Whether you merely need your routine pumping and cleaning, a detailed inspection for a real estate transaction, or are having problems with your system, we can help. Call -(404) 998-8812 to get scheduled right away or find us here.

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